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all prices in the lists are in EURO and + shipping and handling
Dollar Discount: 10% extra in addtion to all other discounts! What is a Dollar Discount?
The Following New Pricing System took effect January 1st 2004
UGG = 5% off - if you are Command & Strategy subscriber.
GHS = 5% off - if you are GHS member or other UGG partner
PAK = 10% off - if you order 2 games or more.
The above add up.
From this results a Maximum Discount of 20%. That is the Max. Discount Price the right cloumn of the UGG prices list refers to.
The price classes P 500 (20% off) or Prepub (15%off) supercede the above.
UGG = 5% off - if you are Command & Strategy subscriber.
Is in addition to Prepub and P500.
The Dollar Discount is in addition to all above.
You made a sub for Operations or C3i with UGG or you made a P 500 order for Pearl Harbor read here.
The UGG points mentioned in older newsletters will not be used.
Our old discount system is no longer operative. There maybe be remnants of the old pricing system on parts of the UGG webpage that will be removed soon.

Note: If you want to purchase an item which is listed in the price list, but not in the shopping cart, please order one "Special Order" and type the product you want (and its price) into the text box.

You can do the same if you have problems to handle the shopping cart for any games we have.