P 500 (for new UGG games in English), see A
P 200 (fuer deutsche Versionen von GMT Spielen), siehe unten bei B


Read here about UGG's game plans for the near future:

Tentative Production Schedule 


UGG has two exciting projects to guarantee that you get the games you want, called Projects P200 and P500.
Who decides what games UGG will produce in future?
It is YOU, the customer.


A: What is Project P 500?

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The Details of Project P 500:
A Series of Flops Can Kill a Company
A wargame company must invest hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to conceptualize, develop, playtest, print, package and distribute a game. If it hits the market and receives insufficient acceptance (for whatever reason!), the company gets a drawback. If that happens a few times, the company dies ... and you, the gamer, lose that source of new games.
What if UGG knew ahead of time that there was a committed interest in the game? They could produce exactly the games that you want. And that's exactly what UGG is going to do with Project P 500.
Here at UGG, we have experienced the same retail slowdown as other companies in our industry, and that makes it even more crucial that to find a solution that allows us to keep bringing you great games without huge financial risks on our part. Project P 500 is a vehicle to allow the buyer more voice in what we produce, to cut our downside risk, and to allow us to keep bringing you UGG-style wargames (yes, even card games!) for years to come.
This will allow you to determine, to a much greater degree than ever before, which games we publish or reprint and which designs don't make the big-time. And it will take the financial pressure off of us without risking your money.

How P 500 Works
We'll release information about a game design that is complete or nearing completion, or about an out-of-print game that we think would be worth reprinting. You decide whether you want the game. At the time we reach 500 customers, your order becomes binding, and print the game as soonthe game is ready to print. If it is a game of another publisher we forward order numbers to the publishers, but no customer data. We also do not forward any payments to those publishers before a game gets printed.
If for some reason we don't get 500 interested gamers, we do not charge you for anything. There's absolutely no risk on your end.

Orders will be charged at the time of shipping. To avoid any risk of saved credit cards may get hacked, . UGG does not save any credit card data and accordingly no credit card data can be stolen. In other words ordering via credit card from UGG is save.The credit card data can be entered at the time of shipping and will be handled by a professional payment service provider. Right now we use STRIPE (that is the same company which is used by Kickstarter.
Anyway if the game you like will not be produced, you will not be charged. Before April 2020 we allowed prepayment of preorders. The fundamental principle that you will not loose your money if a game is not produced remains unchanged.
The Project 500 offer will apply to some exciting new games that have so far languished on our production back burners because they were too risky or too costly to print. It will also allow you to determine if and when we reprint several classic out-of-print UGG titles that we've had a lot of requests for but so far have been unable to reprint. To take advantage of any of these offers, please use our Order Page (see below).

Please note: Simply telling us that you want a game when it comes out or that you might order it later will not reserve you a copy of a game or move its counter toward the 500 mark. To make this project work, we need your firm order in hand. Customers in EURO currency may alternatively give us a written confirmation to charge their bank account directly, "Bankeinzug" with a SEPA core direct debit. SEPA core direct debit may also work in other countries with the Euro as currency, but is not supported by all banks. We need to make a test charge of one Euro to find out.
Please understand that this protects us as we shell out some pretty hefty amounts to print these games. And we promise you herein that you can trust us to protect you by not amking your order final until a game reaches 500 orders and is ready to go to pre-press and the printer. With typical production turnarounds, that will put the games consistently on your doorstep within 3 days after your card has been charged (overseas will take a bit longer for surface shipping). And, as you'll note from our pricing for these pre-committed orders, you'll save a pretty penny in the bargain.
Please, don't hold off on signing up for the games on the current list in hopes that a game won't make the cut and one from your favorite series will replace it later. The P500 Project is an idea of GMT. UGG is a smaller company than GMT and a UGG game needs every order to make 500 prepub orders. If you don't sign an interesting game it may never see the daylight.

What savings can you make if you place a P 500 order?
You get the cheaper preorder price instead of the regular listed price. A P 500 order will get you 15% up to 25 % but requires your consent to a shorter time window for a possible cancellation of your order.

Where to place a P 500 order?
Customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico please order from GMT or use our New Shipping Option for USA, Canada and Mexico only € 12 per game.
Customers in all other countries order from UGG directly.


B: Was ist Projekt P 200?

Details von Project P 200:
P 200 ist ein Projekt unter dem Deutsche Versionen von ausgewaehlten GMT Titeln produziert werden sollen.
Die Titel, die zur Auswahl stehen, befinden sich im UGG Shop unter der Rubrik deutsche Spiele (Link). Dort gibt es auch weitere Titel fuer bereits produzierte deutsche GMT-Spiele oder auch welche von anderen Herstellern.
Wie funktioniert Projekt P 200?
Sobald es 200 Vorbestellungen fuer ein Spiel (Projekt) gibt, wird es produziert. Die beste Methode ein Spiel vorzubestellen ist der Bankeinzug. Euer Konto wird erst dann belastet, wenn das Spiel in Produktion geht. Es besteht daher kein Risiko fuer Euch.

In anderen Faellen, wie Bezahlung per Kreditkarte oder Paypal wird das Geld sofort eingezogen. Dies ist technisch leider nicht anders machbar. Sollte es sich herausstellen, dass das Spiel nicht veroeffentlicht wird, zahlt UGG das Geld selbstverstaendlich zurueck. Eine andere Moeglichkeit ist es, dieses Guthaben fuer die naechste Bestellung zu verwenden.
Kann ich etwas sparen, wenn ich eine P 200 Bestellung erteile?
Ja, es gibt fuer jedes Spiel des P 200 Projektes 5% Rabatt.

Wo kann ich eine P 200 Bestellung durchfuehren?
Dies geht bei uns im UGG Shop (Link).

Wo finde ich eine aktuelle Uebersicht ueber den Fortschritt bei den Vorbestellungen?
Auch im UGG Shop (Link).