Command & Strategy will change.

Issue 6 is the last issue in a magazine form with game.

The last installment of UGG’s Pearl Harbor will be published in

Command & Strategy Deluxe takes the role of Command & Strategy as UGG’s new house magazine.
Subscribers of Command & Strategy will receive The Deluxe Edition of Comand & Stratety for the rest of their Command & Strategy subscription period. 1 Deluxe issue counts as 2 old issues. Read all the details here.

Example: You subscribed to Command & Strategy starting with Command & Strategy Issue #5. You already  received Command & Strategy #5 and # 6. For your remaining subscription period you will get:
Command & Strategy 7, A Vae Victis Compilation (Deluxe Edition).

Thereafter your Command & Strategy subscription is NOT to be paid in advance. Instead there will be an endless subscription which will continue until it is cancelled. The endless suscription is not paid in advance but at the time a new issue enters the market.


Back Issues

Issue #6 Features:
• Young Mr Twitt goes to war. Life as an officer in the Napoleonic Wars.
• The Last Panzer Attack.
• On the Road to Chickamuga
• The Dean Essig Interview. A 6-page chat with the king of supply.
• Roads to Leningrad - review.
• The Behind the Cardboard. A true and truly moving story.
• Armies of Oblivion - review.
• XXX in Gothenburg. At last some quality entertainment.
• Sink the Nittu Maru.
• The Playtester From Hell

And on top of that:

Operation Walküre - The Plot Against Hitler
A new spectacular 16-card design. Read more here.

Read More About

• Operation Kadesh
• The 16-Card Design Challenge!
• Pearl Harbour
• Wings over Arras
• Operation Kadesh Errata and Q&A
• Check out a few pages from issue four
• What will be in next issue and beyond?
• Komrade Koba
• Koba Reloading

As said before we have had been forced to make some changes to our plans. Read more here.

Yes Comrades:



Command & Strategy #5

  • The Massive Empires of Apocalypse 2.0 Rulebook.
  • Wings over Arras - complete mini game on the 1917 Air War.
  • Comrade Koba - the game of Stalinist Survival is expanded with more Comrades and event cards.
  • WWI Air Combat special.
  • The battle for Jylland 1940
  • On the Road to Gettysburg Operation Felix
  • An Empires of the Apocalypse Scenario.
  • Napoleon at just about anywhere
  • The Greatest Wargame EVER

36 colour pages + one countersheet + two sheet of cards + one massive rule-book

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #4

  • Comrade Koba . The Card Game of Stalinist Survival.
  • Pearl harbor Part IV (collectible boardgame)
  • An Opium War
  • Building a City Block
  • The Playtester From Hell
  • ASL-Ecke

48 colour pages + one countersheet + one sheet of cards

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #3

  • Operation Kadesh. By Paul Rohrbaugh. The Suez Crisis of 1956.
  • Pearl harbor Part III (collectible boardgame)
  • History of Assyria part III
  • The Football War
  • Ghosts of Gettysburg
  • ASL-Ecke

48 colour pages + one countersheet

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #2

  • Tank Action, A Panzer Commander Afrika quick card mini game.
  • "The Tough Choice" part II
  • Cannibals at War - The Interview
  • History of Assyria part II
  • Johen Bell Hood
  • Mysteries of the Handschar
  • Pearl Harbor part II (collectible boardgame)

40 colour pages + one countersheet + one sheet of cards

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #1
  • History of Assyria #1Pearl Harbour #1 (collectible boardgame)
  • The Tough Choice #1
  • Napoleonic Reenactment
  • Tanks of The Spanish Civil War

40 colour pages + one countersheet

Price: €15


Contact the editor: Anders Fager

About Command & Strategy

Command & Strategy is UGG's new house magazine. It will be published 4 times a year, once per quarter.
Command & Strategy provides military historical articles, reviews games, reports gaming related news and gives background information on games or new player options. Each issue of Command & Strategy will feature a complete game of some kind be it either a proper game, or an add-on, or a new scenario. From Issue # 2 and on most issue will have not only one, but a second mini game.

UGG's Pearl Harbor (Empires of Apocalypse - Part IV) will be published in Command & Strategy as UGG's first collectible boardgame. Since Pearl Harbor is a true monster it will be spread over the first 7 issues.

Each issue of Command & Strategy features 48 colour pages + one countersheet or other game component.

Subscription Information
For your yearly scubscrition rate you get 4 magazines, no matter when we manage to get the issues out (we are not that many and we have tons of things to try to handle). Should UGG for unknown reaons fail that goal you will get the appropriate part of your payment refunded as a voucher.
A subscription of Command & Strategy renews itself each year unless it is cancelled 3 months before the end of a year.

Note: A Command & Strategy subscription gave nice discounts on your game purchases. This will continue to do so for the rest of your sub. Thereafter a endless subsription of Comman & Strategy deluxe will do.


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