The Bureaucratic Trap.

Our last import had landed in Frankfurt on February 9 and is still located there. While we were hoping to get it released soon, we cannot promise a soon release any more.

Here is the reason:

Everything originates from the government central in Darmstadt. The responsible bureaucrat there refused to let the games pass through. The official reasons were the missing CE signs, no age restrictions on the boxes of some publishers and the German product security law.

I offered, that we will add anything he has demanded, 14+ stickers or seals on the boxes, the addition of German Manuals etc.

No avail, they returned the matter to the customs. After that it is clear, that no customs official may release the import. Instead the matter has to run through the lower instances from now on.

Finally it will return to the table of the same government bureaucrat and he has to decide again.

Right now my attorney tries to call the customs officials to forward our matter back to the government guy as quick as possible. But so far there is no progress.

We could go to court, because a court could override the bureaucrat decision.

But for them money does not matter, also the existence of our small company is "not urgent" for them. Means if we go to court, that might take 3 years.

Our import is sitting in the Trap.

We are sorry that all of you had to wait so long for your games, we promise to do our best to change the situation.

Regarding the most important new game, Space Corp, we make a deal for a special direct delivery from GMT to us. That is expected next week. We will import enough games for those customers who have preordered them.

Best Regards