The Longest Trench


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Will be on Kickstarter in September 2019



Cover Design by Andrea Tentori Montalto




The Longest Trench is a two-player Card Game about the First World War from the strategic viewpoint. The Game recreates World War I in a historical series of land and sea battles. The Central Powers (Germany and her allies) are opposed to the Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia and their allies).

As a supreme commander you try to defeat your opponent by allocating your troops, planes and ships with possible Support (from Air, Mines, Trenches etc.) on the right front to the right time.

The Longest Trench is primarily designed as a quick playing fun game and players can finish a game in one or two hours.


The Longest Trench is a Historical Card Game for 2 players



Game Board Example:




Sample Cards







Game Components (subject to change):

1 Rules of Play

1 Game Board

110 Cards
- 2 sets of 40 Cards
- 2 sets of 14 Bonus Cards
- 2 Summary Cards

2 Player Counters

5 Standoff Counters

8 Dice (common D6)






  • Game Design: Arno Maesen and Frederic Moyersoen

  • Game Development: Udo Grebe

  • Card Graphics: Andreas Bertram

  • Map Graphics: ???

  • Editor: Christian Diedler, Udo Grebe

  • Cover Art: Andrea Tentori Montalto


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