Review of First Erftkongress (16th and 17th August)



Round about twenty link minded participants attended the 1st Erfkongress, which took place in Bedburg-Kaster from 16th to 17th August 2014 (Location Restaurant La Piazza).

The attendees came from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Scotland and Germany.

Our "Starguest" was Emanuele Santandrea, from "VentoNuovo Games", Italy. He played together with his friends "seven turns" (March to December 1942) of the complete campaign, consisting of Blocks in the East / West and the Africa Modul. The complete game was a real "eyecather" with its big gaming table.

After the opening the participants quickly converged to playing groups and the "gaming" started.


The games listed below had been played:

Fortess Sevastopol

Medivial Conspiracy

Thunder Alley

Dien Bien Phu


Republik of Rome

Pax Porfiriana

Blocks in the East / West

The Mighty Endeavor

On Saterday afternoon we had a common dinner buffet.

An interesting supporting program had been offered, consisting of a guided tour, a warehouse sale with top discount and a lottery drawing with high odds.

Each participant received a flyer about the "Sturmgeschuetzbrigade 341", which was deployed in Kaster during the year 1944.


On Sunday morning Mr Vogt guided us skillfully through the town of "Alt-Kaster" with its historical monuments, the impressive town gates and the castle ruin. The tour enabled us to take a deep look into history of the place. The attendees enjoyed the historic atmosphere of this place.

At the same time the "marksmen festival" (Schuetzenfest) took place. Some participants watched the "Great Tattoo" (Zapfenstreich) at the war heros monument.

On Sunday afternoon the announced lottery drawing proceeded. The first prize was the game "Rising Sun". The charming "Annika", female staff member of the restaurant, was our luck fairy. She did a real good job.


To put the matter in a nutshell the First Erftkongress was a complete success.

Thanks again to all participants of the 1st Erfkongress

(Udo Grebe)





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